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Ducol Organics & Colours Ltd


Incorporated in 1994, Ducol Organics And Colours Limited offer a range of pigment dispersions for various industries. They offer products like Paints, Ink, Textile, Detergent, Paper, Rubber, and Plastics color solutions. They primarily engage in the business of manufacturing and selling pigment dispersions, preparations, concentrates, paste colorants, and masterbatches.[1]


1. Dutint - water-based dispersions for decorative paints
2. Duplast - MB for the plastic industry
3. Duprint - water-based dispersion for printing ink formulations
4. Dutex - pigment pastes for the textile printing industry
5. Dusperse - for the soap and detergent industry
6. Dupralin - for the paper industry
7. Dupren - used in the rubber industry
8. Ducem - Dry dispersions of various general applications

Wide Customer Base Co. enjoys a wide product range with diverse applications across various industries and sectors. It caters to clients from diverse industries like paints, ink, textile, rubber, plastic, paper, soaps, detergents, etc.
Their top 5 customers constituted 79.90%, and 81.53% of its revenue in FY22, and FY21 respectively.

Manufacturing Facilities 
Co. has three manufacturing units situated near Mumbai out of which two are situated at Taloja MIDC and the third is situated at Mahad MIDC. We have obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification for our Unit I and Unit II situated at Taluja MIDC.

Unit - Product Type - Installed Capacity
Unit 1 - Wet Dispersions - 3500 MTPA
Unit 2 - Master Batch & Dry Dispersions - 2000 &10,000 MTPA respectively.
Unit 3 - Dry Dispersions - 15,000 MTPA

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