Microsoft launch Copilot+ AI PCs (Windows on ARM) | GTA V playable on ARM ?

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Microsoft launch Copilot+ AI PCs (Windows on ARM) | GTA V playable on ARM ?

Ok, I just opened the Microsoft 20th May, 2024 event video to see what Microsoft announced for Windows on Arm PC but this is amazing 👇🏼

I think Inbuilt NPU chip use Large Action Models (LAMs) for Copilot+ AI PCs.

Microsoft Showcases In-Game Support for Players With the Copilot AI -

If anyone want to watch full event video -


Windows on ARM -

Microsoft reckons its new Prism x86 emulation for Arm PCs is as good as Apple's Rosetta

Games -

The Verge This Microsoft-approved website tracks how Windows games play on Arm has apparently already tested 1,481 games on the Surface Laptop and other devices with Arm-based Snapdragon X Elite chips, and it lets you search to see whether your game of choice falls into one of four categories: “Perfect,” “Playable,” “Runs,” or “Unplayable.”

Website name - https://www.worksonwo...m/

Grand Theft Auto V - Playable -

Softwares - 

Note - almost all important softwares are already natively supported on Windows ARM PC.

Adobe has pledged to finally bring its full suite of tools to Windows on Arm, ending its long-time scepticism.

Windows on Arm to get Adobe Premier Pro, Illustrator and more, after Adobe FINALLY pledges full support


DaVinci Resolve, Capcut already natively supported on Windows ARM PC.

Other softwares visit Linaro.

Website - https://www.linar...g/

Linaro is an engineering organization that works on free and open-source software such as the Linux kernel, the GNU Compiler Collection, QEMU, power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces for the ARM family of instruction sets and implementations thereof as well as for the Heterogeneous System Architecture.


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What does it have to do with Union Jack?

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Hope it gets good linux support. Then no need to deal with windows. 

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Microshit Grandmasoft Windows mann se utar gaya jab se they ruined Windows Taskbar, Explorer and Start for the hundredth time and keep randomly removing/breaking features to push new crap on you.

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