missed to pay cc due

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Sbi ola card

jan 24

total os 257883 

but mistakenly i paid 257000....i missed to pay 883


got some 'fin charges on retail' amounting 10498

i didnt checked the bill and paid all the dues of my feb 24 bill (rs 21021)


again fin charge on retail rs 144.07 

SBi cc person is of no use...they asked me to send email....can anyone help...is it possible to waive of these charges....

i have never defaulted even once and have always paid full amount bef due date....

Also will this affect my credit score?

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You paid more than minimum amount due so it shouldn't affect your CIBIL, for the rest, others can guide better.

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Yes Bro it is possible. Write them an email on polite note mentioning  the situation and highlighting it as a genuine mistake and it would not be reasonable to charge and request for reversal based on good gesture towards customer relationship. They would hopefully reverse it. Don't try to Bash them or threaten to close the card as that would not help. Hope for the best.

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Sbi on occasion reverses charges if it's a one time thing. Ask them to reverse the charges in email. Takes like a week to get response but helps.

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Thanks for the reply guys.....i did send them an email and they have responded stating that a SR has been taken to waive off the charges.....they have also told that a customer can request for a waiver once in a calender year....and also There won't be an impact in cibil if min amount is paid.....

Need to wait a week to chk if they are reversing

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It will be credited to your card in two days. Glad it worked out.

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Missed icici cc payment

Is they will reverse?

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