Mobikwik FULLPAY 1% reduced upto 75rs for Credit Card Bill Payments

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Mobikwik FULLPAY 1% cashback reduced upto 75rs from 100 for Credit Card Bill Payments


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I'm broken to the core, had to pay a lot of bills this month and next month ... they even started charging convenience fee on payment via debit card

I had the perfect setup to pay CC bills upto Rs. 10k and was easily earning 1.25% effective reward rate 😭
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They are not letting you pay with a debit card that by itself is a blow.

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What, 2 days back only I paid using debit card twice. The offer is still valid on all paymodes, when did they bring in debit card restriction?

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sob Ultimate Betrayal

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They don't fetch bill in my account. Delinked and linked 2 3 times but still same as earlier. Also it only allows net banking, upi and credit card with 2.95% charges in my account. Never received option to pay with debit card. 

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Delete your card and then enter card details on ccbill pay page and let them fetch . But use it an early phase while you got an email from your bank cc providers. . If it is latest in your mail list will fetch easily else not (after few days past) like a week or later

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I tried yesterday at 6pm and got Rs 93 for Rs 9300 bill payment.

Three days ago debit card option on payment page was removed. But yesterday it was back.

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U were one of the last people. It changed around 6-8pm only 😅.

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Looks like they changed it recently. Got 89 cashback just 3 days back.

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Also its not taking for my all cards, i tried entering the card number but no bill fetched and asking to enter amount manually. Any solution?

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and asking convenience fees if you pay by debit card which was not there earlier

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