Finally Upgraded : Moneyback+ to Millenia

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I might have just done a nearly impossible (officially declined) upgrade from MB+ to Millenia. But first, I need to know something.

I am an HDFC Bank account holder. Need to confirm something from users who got a new HDFC card recently.

Once the online application for HDFC is complete & app no is received, what communication does it send to officially confirm the card approval once applied. An SMS? An email? None?

I applied directly from the website as an account holder which went like

  1. Mobile Number + DOB
  2. OTP
  3. Showed me eligible cards. I chose Millenia
  4. Auto fetched KYC info from bank account
  5. Accepted the fees page & T&C
  6. Took me to verify KYC via NetBanking or Debit Card
  7. I completed verification via DC
  8. It completed the application & gave me application number
  9. Received no SMS or Email or anything
  10. Online tracking portal is a hit or miss. Sometimes it shows the application INPROCESS, other times there's NO RECORD FOUND

My question is, does the bank give any approval communication or do they just dispatch the card like what I remember from 2021 since there's no video KYC or anything involved. Can someone check if they received any message like that

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It's not impossible they do it often.

Moneyback+ is like their bait card, they throw that card to anyone who has a company salary account with them. Once they hook the client,

After a year, there is a high chance of receiving millennia update from them. Happened to My friend a year ago.

Did you apply as salaried or non-salaried person? If you don't mind, how much income did you mention?

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Impossible in my case. I mailed them but they declined everytime.

Got MB+ pre approved, had it since 2021. Got it when my profile was student.

Now applied for Millenia as a salaried one
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Now what is moneybank??? (Well, it's money-back I know)

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How did you do the impossible?

I too 1 week back contacted their grievance redressal for upgrade they declined it

Any guide to upgrade to MILLENNIA

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And here I am waiting for Infinia LTF /DCB LTF upgrade to my Regalia LTF since 5 years

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Cant you move to Millennia from Regalia, at least Millennia is better

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My Moneyback Card is LTF and I am getting upgrade to Regalia Gold which is FYF only. Shall I go ahead?

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Did you upgrade? From the looks of it, you applied for a new card. 

You'll get a message that the "XYZ" card is approved and you get an "e-card". It may not be a millennia variant. However, after a week, you'll get that since they don't provide multiple cards, they have canceled and destroyed the card. 

In short, you won't get it. 

The only way to upgrade is to, well, upgrade from app/net banking or close this card, wait for 3-6 months and you'll get a pre-approved offer for millennia (like I did).

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I closed MB+ last week. Received a mail for closure.

Check the application portal & Millenia showed up as eligible which it never did before. Most likely, I'm gonna get it.

Will create a post with final process & update once I get it.
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Well, i took moneyback+ and millennia both within 2 days. Also tataneu infinity after 5 days. Closed paytm,tataneu plus, swiggy in between.

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My mom is getting millennia upgrade from mb+. How is it impossible??

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