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Hi Dimers,
 I have a MSI Laptop, which has it's body broken from the base and cover. There's no damage on the screen side or back of the screen or hinges.
 I tried to find the complete body replacement online, but couldn't find any. I tried to buy it offline, but they don't have it.
 Does any of you know where can i find the complete body replacement or base panel replacement online or offline?
 Model - GF63 Thin 9RCX- 648IN)
 P.S. The laptop is working fine, so I don't want to change it, however if there's any good replacement offer, i could think about it.

Photos of broken area

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Can you post photos?
Cool Cool
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Full laptop or just the broken area?

Benevolent Benevolent
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few photos should include the full laptop+broken area

Cool Cool
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Search if anyone is selling the same model on OLX for some other reason. You can get the parts from it

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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You need to fill up google form of MSI india mentioning serial number and selecting replacement parts.

Then they will send you invoice and payment link, once you pay parts will be dispatched to nearest service center you have chosen.

After receiving parts they call you to get it fixed. 

Its very simple. Done in Starting of this year for my laptop panel c and D

But in invoice they charge some 700/800 rupees for fixing parts. As i do it myself i asked to provide parts to me but they denied so have to pay them these charges. Also no service center in my district so have to get it fixed at there service center in pune. So another 2000 rupees for travelling. 😯 Now regretting why not ordered battery also as it is now degrading. 

Cool Cool
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Thanks bro. This seems helpful. Do you have the link of the google forms?

Also, what's panel C & D? Is that panel for the main board and cover?
How much did the parts cost you?
Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Panel A = Back of screen

Panel B = Screen cover

Panel C = Keyboard Panel

Panel D = Base Panel

For me Panel C + Panel D + Installation (800) = 6950/- 

Unable to find Google Form Link. Just contact them on email or phone mentioned below they will provide link.

[email protected] / 022 4912 5588, 011 47484000 (9am ~ 6pm Mon ~ Fri), Saturday till 2pm

BTW where r u from ?

Cool Cool
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Thanks bro. I'll contact them. However, 7k seems too much just for a panel.
I am from Delhi, and I have a service center in my city.
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Finally someone is talking about msi problems in India. Was searching for what to do as laptop's hinge got pop out. 

Cool Cool
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if only hinge is broken, it's probably very cheap to replace, but if you need back panel and keyboard panel, then cost is around 7k. Just sent you their official google form for repair estimates in dm.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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imo just get a new laptop The repairing hassle isnt worth anyways for laptop.Even service centre charges 30-40% of price of orignal laptop for even small things

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