mutual fund investment ?

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Is mutual fund investment a good investment idea?

If yes then what kind of mutual fund investment should one go for?

If not then can one elaborate pros and cons of mutual fund investment.

Thanks pray
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Google will answer your query regarding its pros and cons.

For whether or not you should invest personally depends on your expectation of return, time frame, tax slab, risk appetite and risk tolerance. 

Your own personal behaviour and biases affect the "finance" part of personal finance. 

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In my opinion yes it's a good idea (if you do not want to pick stocks yourself, and not thinking about real estate or something other like that) and
if you are in your 20s & 30s and looking for long-term investment, then I suggest 
1. one Small cap fund (50% of your investment)

2. one Flexi cap fund 40%

3. one Index fund 10%

and shift towards small -> flexi -> index then finally FD/debt fund while you grow old

1. Beats bank FD and grows @ 12-15% in the long run (10-20 yr)

1. Market-specific risk, like if something like covid or the 2008 crash occurs and you want your major money during that period, it will be very loss for you during that. 

So it is suggested that for the money you want to save & grow for the future, you should only invest that money and based on future needs start shifting your money in advance before the actual time when you need that, towards the more safe instrument like FD/debt 

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giving time to the market is the right thing. invest in sip/lumpsum for 10-15 years then when you are near your goal and your target is reached in funds let say 1 cr  or very near to it .then switch them to liquid ,you may miss the bull run in last 2years but if the market crashes you will lose lots of money. So swp in last years is risky as market may crash. In covid everybody portfolio was down but now everybody portfolio is up,that is the beauty of stock market. my portfolio --I have invested after covid, its still up by 18%. I can provide mf advise if you require it.


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