My Credit Card Story with No CIBIL (Student).

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I had no CIBIL score. I'm a student. After researching a lot on desidime, I opened IDFC WOW FD based Credit Card with 10k limit in December. 

I chose IDFC WOW over Onecard Secured bcz someone had commented you get Onecard only once if you close it. 

Then applied for many Banks cards but got rejected everytime. 

Yesterday got offer of unsecured OneCard with 20K limit. (I read a comment that keep checking Cibil through Onescore every 30 days and you'll get offer soon.)

Applied and Approved immediately within 10 minutes. Card is on the way in transit.

Also today received SBI cashback card offer with 15k limit. But I'm not planning to get it as Its very less limit and annual fee is 1000. 

I'm a student and tricks on this platform helped me a lot. 


PS - Anyone wants any help/referral Dm. Already helping 3 Dimers in getting IDFC cards. 

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While applying do you entered income as 0 ?

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For which card you're asking?

I don't remember for IDFC as it was 4 months ago.

But for OneCard i applied as student and income 0-5lacs

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I am also student and own more than 11 cc, some for directly approved , some needed bank accounts.

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You must have entered fake employment details.

Remember it all goes on your report forever.

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Can you get normal cc after idfc wow?

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How did you got SBI cashback card offer? I want SBI cashback card but not able to get when applying as student.

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I applied as self employed.

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