Myntra giving refund in Mobikwik pay later zip only..?

The PostMighty
Myntra giving refund in Mobikwik pay later zip only..

Originally paid through Mobikwik UPI ...

Have to retur shoes .. but the refund option shoing only for
A. Myntra credit
B. Mobikwik zip pay later

Can someone help for any solution to transfer it to bank account. .?

PS. Also Mobikwik zip pay later is not activated ..
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Blaze Blaze
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When paid thru UPI? Why they are refunding to zip? Zip to bank not possible. You must be able to spend that much amount or more and then pay excess amount when your zip bill arrives.

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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That's what m also not able to understand.. if and when paid through UPI via Mobikwik.. what's the sens to refund in Mobikwik zip pay later wallet , which is not even activated ever ...
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