nedd clarification on Blood reservation


Can I reserve blood units at blood bank
 Can I reserve blood bank at hospital?
 What I know is that I can only get blood from blood bank after donating blood and hospital or blood bank can charge only for blood processing
 Thank you in advance for your help
I have been charged blood reservation fee by hospital even wothout informing us.
Can i take action against it?
If yes how?

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Their is no concept of reservation.

Although their is a concept of ease and priority for donors who donated earlier. Either they issue card or passbook kind of. 

In both banks and hospital, they don't take responsibility of disease free blood. 

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hospital charged blood reservation fee. can I take action against it? if yes how?
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Blood is free. The charge is for other things like test done on blood for hiv, heptatis etc. Govt has set Max price for such but private corp hospitals charge more. But this is understandable as the quality of tests they do is better compared to smaller or govt hospitals.

You can't reserve blood. Private hosp charge illegally under various heads. Other than writing a Google review nothing much you can do practically

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