Need a paytm wallet alternative for family member

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Currently I have a paytm wallet on my family member's phone which I generally send money to regularly for their expenses.

They don't use bank account or anything from that, just the wallet.

Looking for a paytm alternative now.


1. Can fill up or send money to their wallet just like paytm

2. Can pull back funds to my bank account if needed (obviously they'll send back money to my account)

3. Is KYC free (not sure that's possible or not)or I can install an app with my existing account and reuse my account or kyc...don't have to do kyc for them.

Currently I have mobikwik, phone pe and amazon pay (this is my main account-would use it only if no other option) that I use

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what will be the wallet used for? if its primarily UPI, then Slice is the best option.

Requires a selfie, PAN and ₹1 withdrawal from any of your bank account. No Vkyc. Can be installed with any SIM (not necessarily the SIM linked to adhaar)

money can be transferred via UPI from any UPI app and can also be withdrawn via UPI to any UPI.

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Usual transaction

May be to other wallets or may be to UPI codes

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I think the Mobikwik wallet is a good alternative that provides all the features of Paytm wallet. (except for cc payment via wallet i think).

Other wallets like Phonepe, amazon, and slice have differences in terms of adding and sending money

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Given Mobid*ck 's notoriety for its zip cash it's better to avoid. Also off late adding money to wallet via DC is chargeable too.
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install bajajfin in your phone and complete full KYC. install slice in the other person's phone with his/her PAN (if it exist) or with your PAN. load to bajaj and then trfr by UPI to other person as and when needed.

mobi keeping throwing up pop-up traps to for their ZIP-shit. one momentary concentration loss and you are trapped. definitely not for the weak hearted. 

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@baludesi @panchabhut what's with this zipcash thing? What is it? Why is it so fearful or crappy?

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That is sort of BNPL service of mobid1ck. For many it got compromised and hackers used zipcash to buy gvs in some 3rd party sites like woohoo.

search in this forum and read it's scary tales.

Almost all BNPL s are scary as you can't switch off it like credit cards. Also the customer care is very pathetic in newn fin tech. 

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@panchabhut @baludesi

This slice UPI is not so trustworthy I guess. Can't find good reviews around it and very recently I saw a thread on DD about abrupt account frozen for someone...

Mobikwik is crap and so is bajaj finance (I feel if I open account with them, they will unleash spam call chaos upon me)..

Any other options?

@abhishek012 any thoughts brother?

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Amazon full kyc Wallet + Amazon wallet UPI.

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