Need expert advise on Consuming tablets

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Can I consume Supradyn tablet along with Tripala tablet. 

Right now I am taking supradyn 1 tablet per day since november and planning to take tripala as well as I am having IBS problem and bloating 

Need expert's advise please 

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Medication should be taken after advice of doctor, not experts.

Please keep that in mind. This is not right platform to ask for advice.

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doctors != experts ?? unamused

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these are regular multivitamins, you can continue with the.

Just increase your water and fiber intake

Also, check if diary products are responsible for bloating, don't consume them for a few days and see if they are responsible for it

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IBS can be controlled by observing food habits and restricting them, like dairy products, okra (lady's finger) etc etc (varies from person to person)

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