need help in testing a software in mac but cant buy mac unless i know whether software is usefull or not.

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i need to test a paid software. this works only in mac. but i dont have mac.

is there any cloud service at low cost which gives me mac to rent in cloud so that that i can test whether that software is completely usefull or not.

if it works completely then i can buy macmini.

software itself will cost 70 dollars per month. so if it is usefull then only i can buy macmini

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Have you tried virtual machine like VMware? 

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i tried installing mac in oracle vm box. but that mac is very slow. my desktop has only 8gb ram.

so want to try better hardware mac in cloud

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If there option to rent mac available to you .

In delhi people rent laptops for office use and return after 2-3yrs

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or if i get more ram. will it be fast in vmware in my windows desktop

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if u just need to test software you can rent a virtual machine, they cost 20-30 usd a month

you will be albe to find many providers

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