need inputs for North East Tour


Dimers, I am planning North East tour in June. Never been to there, so need your inputs. TIA

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Take north east express and bhramaputra express , to travel

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I will travel by air. Any inputs on which places i should visit?
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Would help to update some more details up top.
        [1] Alone or in a group.

        [2] If in a group, would there be any underage kids or senior citizens.

        [3] Anyone with issues like motion sickness (bus car travel issues, vomitting when they realise that vehicle is moving or if it is in ghats, on curvy roads), short of breathe at high altitudes or in humid weather and so in?

        [4] Areas planning to cover.

        [5] Tentative time on hand

        [6] Tentative overall budget or per PAX budget.

        [7] If solo, interested in adventure travel, adventure sports?

        [8] "From" location can help suggest whether flights will be economical or if other options are more feasible.

I recently (briefly) interacted with someone who took a chopper (taxi helicopter) to Arunachal (from GAU/VEGT to HGI/VEHO) and the experience and scenes she described are why I mentioned point [7] above.
Although noisy to be in a non fixed wing (practically defence use) aircraft, the bird's eye view one gets is mesmerising. And this cannot be achieved in conventional jumbo jets. Helicopters fly much lower.

The terrain, the (at times) unpredictable weather and non fixed wing aircrafts being that much more tacky.. does unnerve some people.
At most of the places the people are so chilled and welcoming. They are joyous, simple souls in general. I am overstepping here, but I feel that modern civilisations should not have disturbed them, at-least not their cultural practices (especially whatever they used to practice before modern, organised religions came).

I think it was in Cherrapunji or somewhere within Meghalaya.. we were sitting around some locals having a good time. Someone had a boombox and started playing music. People started impromptu dancing.
Coming from rather regressive societies/cultures in other parts of India, we were pleasantly surprised when someone approached another man to seek permission to ask his wife to dance. The husband readily nodded a yes. The other guy then sought permission from the lady and also gracefully escorted her and danced for 4-5 minutes and everyone was generally joyous.
We were told the Khasis (Khasi tribe) have warrior blood in them and this that. It felt nothing like that. Also the traffic is/was so civic there.

If you have Arunachal on mind, then there is a whole lot of preparation needed, including the permissions to enter there. Also, at any time the authorities can restrict unrequited movement (visits) to border areas.
Sikkim, Meghalaya and further interiors like Tripura and so on have no such issues.
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Check muddytrails for North East plans 

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