Need prestige induction cooktop invoice

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I purchased prestige induction cooktop around 10 month ago from flipkart.but it's not working properly now.invoice is also lost at home and flipkart also blocked that account last month without any reason. 

So please provide me invoice of prestige cooktop if anyone I can avail warranty

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Check your email, regarding the Order you placed from Flipkart 

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Search in your Gmail inbox, Invoice is sent on your e mail after delivery of the product.

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You will find, please search with order number in in mail inbox

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Order one and return

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Instead of unethical invoice, Flipkart is legally bound to provide you invoice, just get denial from them and raise grievance, genuine invoice would be on the way

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Email I'd was not registered in Flipkart account. So if anyone have please provide me invoice

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Do not have one to share, sorry. But batman and krnpunjabi have both shared the unethical and ethical ways respectively.
The writing to Flipkart nodal/grievance officer method will stretch things to weeks.

Not that I am directly recommending it
but once (for a non electronics brand) I edited the (PDF) invoice of some other item (purchased on-line) with the exact name, HSN and product ID details mentioned on the marketplace (Amazon/Flipkart).

It worked out as the repair-person simply forwarded it to his boss, who approved everything in good faith, without much cross verification.

Like if something was purchased on Flipkart, then
      [1] One has to check the legal name of the seller. Any seller who was selling it on a given date.

      [2] The correct HSN and product ID used by Flipkart. (HSN is universal, product ID might be site specific).

      [3] Correct tax percentage applicable on the item, at the time of invoice date.

      [4] Properly noting all these and calculating the pre-tax column and the tax-columns is important.

      [5] Our item (when purchased) was of over 3000 rupees and had been 7-8 years. But it (company) had later-on offered lifetime limited warranty against some defects. So we had properly populated all the data (seller name, buyer name, addresses, pre tax price, CGST, other levies, shipping charges column, final price, state code/area zone of seller and receiver are not to be missed ).

Both what batman said and krnpunjabi said are possible. Meaning you can get an invoice. But in what batman is saying, it would be obvious that invoice is not even a month old, but the product looks much more used. Also if they then try tracing the serial number, they will point it out in their systems that customer gave a wrong invoice. They can trace the serial or any part's batch code to figure out the sales chain.
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