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I want to invest around 4 lakhs in mutual funds. please suggest some and also please suggest the best application for MF.

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If you need to do lumpsum then don't do MF.... If you are doing SIP then go for good flexi cap direct growth MF.

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best option for lumpsum?
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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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It depends on how long you want to invest.

If you want to invest long term, doing  lumpsum or sip doesn't make much difference.

If investing for short term(1 to 4 years), split the money into 12 or 15.

Invest one part every month in funds you want. Keep the rest the money in a liquid fund or a sweep fd.

(Keeping money in liquid funds and withdrawing every month could mean more tax calculation)

Pick 1 index fund and 1 flexi fund.

If you are willing to take some risks add  mid caps and small caps accordingly.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Best bet would be ELSS. MY CHOICE  PARAG PARIKH TAX SAVER FUND very good returns than peers

Blaze Blaze
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Since you are doing a lumpsum investment for long term, you can also consider investing(partially) in some quality stocks at good valuations. Some at the top of my head are:

- SBI Card
- Hindustan Unilever
- Biocon

They won't give you very fast growth, but are relatively safer(not much downside likely at current levels) in these volatile market conditions.

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