Need suggestions for pressure washer

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My requirement is to wash my bike/car and clean assorted areas in my house with copper coil.

I have tried Aimex D5 which I borrowed from my friend for a day it was okay. But it was a 1500W motor (at least that the specifications read) and I feel a little more power would have been good. Hence I am thinking Aimex D7 which is 1800W.

I don't have any fascination in Aimex brand but as I use D5 already it was okay so thought D7 would have been something I am looking for. Also the below review was indicating most of the brands give aluminium coil but saying copper.

">Review link in YouTube

Other brands like Bosch, karcher etc are a bit costlier and they all come with long spray gun which I feel is little inconvenient than short spray gun.

Hence seeking suggestions from you dimers which one to buy.
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