Need suggestions on choosing a RAM module for an older PC


i am looking to buy this RAM for my PC [motherboard model number : Gigabyte H61M-DS2] with Windows 7 [32bit] installed. I think Patriot company is better among the companies currently offering 4GB DDR3 RAM. please suggest if there is a better RAM available for H61M-DS2

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The above mentioned Patriot RAM is currently priced at Rs.660+. If we add some more money, we get 8GB RAM from other brands like Consistent, EVM, Geonix.

[It is known that a 32bit PC can only recognize 4GB of RAM even if it has 8GB or more RAM. But my thinking is that 8GB will come in handy when installing 64bit sometime in the future]

 So please share your thoughts on this point as well.

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buy 8gb one and use 64bit windows 

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Limited-time deal: EVM 8GB DDR3 Desktop RAM 1333MHz Long-DIMM Memory - Boost Computer Speed and Performance with Low Latency and Durable Design - 10-Year Warranty (EVMT8G1333U86P)

Your motherboard supports max. 1333mhz so buy this or similar.
Even if you plug 1600 MHz it will give max. 1333 which I think may not be a good idea.
I am not an expert. But that's what I seen/ heard somewhere.
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ddr3 is quite something, well there too many options, my personal best(the time i used a ddr3 workstation) were Samsung and SKhynix, i might have one or rwo sticks laying somewhere in my boxes although i have no idea if they are working or dead. I would suggest you to visit nearby computer market place and try there if you are able to get something of better value. As far as i know ddr3 is no longer being manufactured so no matter what you get you are probably getting a recycled stuff(especially from these new brands).

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GA-H61M-DS2 has 2 DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 16 GB Max RAM at 1333MHz max. 

I would suggest you to go for 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (as 1333MHz is hardly available these days). Based on my past RAM buying experience online I would recommend following. Seller MagnaTech Prime. I'm no where associated with this seller. He is the only seller who delivered original SK Hynix made in Korea RAM. Most sellers, on Flipkart too, will send Ramaxel brand RAM with fake Hynix label!! Check pics posted by buyers on Flipkart. 

For me Flipkart is 'Shitkart'. They never published my product reviews!!

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