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I need to apply a rupay cc for my dad who already has an existing credit card from RBL bank and has cibil close to 800. However, his ITR is less than 3 Lakhs. Based on this info which rupay CC I can go for which is easy to get and does not require too much info.

Also, are there are referral offers?


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Vanguard Vanguard
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First apply Amazon icici card then you will got rupay card or you can convert rbl card varient

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How can i convert RBL card to rupay? Please guide

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Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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For Other banks 

You can apply online LTF cards (look in the forum for LTF cards & tricks) some of the likes of KotakLeague/HDFC TataNeu

Apply directly with Bank(Agents) who can provide on Card to Card basis (i.e. based on your existing RBL card) without much further information.

For RBL card conversion as suggested by @ @kyjbond write an email or call CC for better understanding & getting confirmation.

Check here for Better picture on Card Conversion 

Rupay, Visa, Mastercard of your choice


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Post Emperor Post Emperor
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If you use card for shopping and bill payment then currently best card is tata neu.... Apply that for rupay variant. Dm me for referral if you decide to apply

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I checked on HDFC website and they are only offering business money back card, which doesn't seem great. I don't think they'll approve tata neu card if i apply via tata neu app. So, don't want to take risk of rejection.
I need to apply some card which will be instantly approved or card to card basis.

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