Need to upgrade SSD in additional slot in my laptop Dell 15 Inspiron 5570

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hey guys i have dell 15 inspiron 5570 with I 5 8 gen BaseBoard Manufacturer Dell Inc.
BaseBoard Product 0360PV   

how to identify which nvme ssd its support ? is wd 580 nvme ssd is ok ? and how to identify which gen is my motheboard its 3 gen or 4 gen ? because ssd support accordingly 

also need to upgrade ram the old ram is 8 gb hynix 2400 t 

can i add kingston 15 gb 2666mhz ?

pls help

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cpu-z software for motherboard details

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you can check on dell website or crucial website provides software that scans and provides recommendations, just google

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If you are delhi visit Nehru place/wazirpur/janakpuri.

Their shopkeepers do it in front of your eyes.

Incase you want to make it DIY then you might end with holding not so useful stuff due to lack of technical knowledge.

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I have the same model variant and the information is also available in user manuals in their sites. It has Gen 3 Pcie slots ,adding Gen4 will run at that speed only.Besides ,this has a bottleneck(GT2 issue),the R/W speeds don't go above 2GBPS.

I used SN550 512GB on mine 

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I have purchased the Samsung 970 Evo plus 500 gb Its gud . What it's bottle neck ?

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