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Hi all, need you valuable advise and prompt support on the below issue!!

Issue Description: My sister recently received an incorrect item (Puma Sandals) from Amazon instead of a high value item (Mobile Phone worth 23k around). Even the invoice inside the package is having the details about Puma slippers only with different information of both seller and customer address (entirely different state). But due to some reason they could not open the package in front of delivery executive. We have even provided all the available proofs with Amazon but saying that they are helpless and can't initiate the refund itseems. Also, not providing the phone number of other customer to contact them from our end. 

Please share your valuable advise and let me know what best can we do now to resolve the issue and get back our hard-earned money. Thanks in advance. 🙏

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Video Recording available?

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Yes available but I'm not sure if they have shared with Amazon..but came to know that Amazon can't help in any way itseems. So looking for your valuable suggestions before contacting them again.

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Send an email to ecr @

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Sure, will do as suggested. Also looking for more better options from other dimers for instant resolution. Thank you.

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Is the pasted bill on top and inside box are same ?

Isn't the mobile no. Is printed on the bill

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No, the address mentioned on outer package of box is correct. However, the invoice provided inside the package as part of the item is completely different which I stated earlier. 

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Tag them on twitter

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Sure bro..

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e-mailing 𝐁𝐜𝐜: Any good solicitor firm/s, capable lawyer/s to loop in the seller, Amazon Seller Services Private Limited, Amazon Transportation Services Private Limited and other counterparties, besides requesting callback from real ECR [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]. E-mails sent to all three of these e-mail addresses are assigned to local (Hyderabad, Bengaluru) agents of the Executive Customer Relations team.

or can even reach out to the fake ECR [email protected], [email protected].

Shipping Delivery Support (SDS) agents calling/e-mailing and introducing themselves as ECR.. are in-fact newbies (with average age of 24-25) and have even less understanding of systems than the Primary team agents.

Unfortunately for you, if by chance the issue gets locked to ECR, then SDS ECR will ignore the case and if it is locked to SDS-ECR.. then the real ECR would no longer handle it.

Even if someone in Amazon or someone else (via via) gets you the details of the customer who received a brand new phone, instead of a Puma shoe
I fail to understand how (if at all) would it help the victim (you/sister) gey acceptable remedy from Amazon.

So you are saying that under when you download the PDF/invoice, the shipping address has a different territory code (than the one for your state/UT)?

Or the shipper's/ transporters copy of the invoice stuck on the package/ inside the package has descrepancy in the shipping address?

Unlike hearsay and audio calls, the written records (like e-mails) are more tenable as evidence.
(There was a time, when incoming calls on mobile numbers would cost a bomb and I would still insist even immediate blood relatives to 'page' me/ message me on my pager or send me text messages even to have a record of payment instructions to the milkman.)

Thusly, it might be prudent to 'insist' on most things to be acknowledged on e-mail WITH THE SENDER PROPERLY INTRODUCING THEMSELVES BY NAME, in such e-mails.

Like I already ranted, cribbed above, be cautious of the e-mail headers.
If the sender e-mail address is 'do-no-reply' or 'cs-reply' or 'no-reply' at amazon.. then straight away call them out on their bluff of being in ECR or SDS.
Newbies are temporarily given ego massages of being 'promoted' to ECR.
They often forget to use the interface of the new skill/team they now are in.
So if an alleged SDS ot alleged ECR person is not e-mailing from the respective sender addresses, one can (and should) insist for the e-mail to be sent from a proper address.

For any official 'follow-ups' to be created, one can always request or even demand a confirmation e-mail.. even from primary CSA (customer service associate).
They anyway have the pop-up on their screen, but in-case the CSA is ill/ on leave or misses to follow-up/call back later
the customer still has evidence, trail records.

As per policy
agents got to fill the 'follow up' creation form with
▪︎ preferred language (for OB call)
▪︎ phone number/s (customer can insist for them to note down upto two numbers)
▪︎ date on which the follow-up has to be acted upon (by outbound call)
▪︎ tentative time range of outbound.

There was a time when even freshers, properly acknowledged on e-mail.. whenever they promised a follow-up callback.

sincere ones even sent such intimations too, for when the calls did not connect or the customer was driving/unable to talk.
(☟☟ despite not being trained on English process☟☟)


Greetings from

I am Megha from primary team.

I tried to contact you on the 7×××××××××, 9××××××××× numbers given by you earlier, but I wasn't able to reach you.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to gather enough information about your request to take action, so i will call you back again after 2 hrs.

We appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today

Warmest regards,
Meghaben K.

unexpected but welcome gesture to have EVERYthing on record.
Generous Generous
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Looks like the delivery guy changed the outer Packaging.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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There is little chance since the Puma shoes are invoiced to a buyer in another state. There is very little chance this packet with the puma shoes is there at the OP's local delivery hub for the local delivery guy to do any misappropriation.

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Not sure, but if I download the invoice now from order history it is giving me the invoice of mobile phone ordered though something else was delivered. Don't know where exactly went wrong.

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ECR team will most probably resolve your issue 

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1) Did the item get delivered in Amazon's tamper-proof packaging with a digital code on it? Amazon uses this particular type of envelope to deliver high-value electronic devices.

2) Does the name slip on the received package look tampered with?

Most likely, your phone has been taken out and repacked with the puma shoes somewhere along the logistics channel. Since the Puma shoes belong to a buyer from another state, the pilfering has been done at the very start of the logistics channel.

My best guess is that the Puma customer will never receive their delivery. If that buyer tracks their delivery, it will show the last bar code scanning point of their puma shoe in the logistics channel. This is where the theft had taken place. 

This problem will not be resolved unless a special team is persuaded to take the initiative to solve your case; the Amazon Customer Care executives on the phone lack the gray matter to handle it.

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Clearly packing mistake

Same thing happened with me in mi store order but the difference was i got same model mobile but difference address bill also imei was different from order section

Flame Flame
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Is it resolved now?


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