Need Zero balance, zero maintenance account for upi

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As title suggests, I am a student and looking for zero balance saving account with possibly zero maintenance/sms charges which has atleast a virtual debit card to activate UPI,

Already have kotak 811, jupiter need few more ,

Why? Idk it's fun right, i know there are a lot of people here with may account and cards ,

Must requirements: no physical card /cheque book/passbook should be sent to my house as I don't want to explain to my parents why i need so many accounts,

Digital opening is preferred but, i can walk to bank office if needed , I am in a tier 2 city with most banks present here sso that should not be a problem,

Here are few options I am considering,

BOB e3 plus : zero balance , virtual card free 

But, IDK if they send anything if i don't order physical card or cheque book to my house

Equitas selfie account:

You get a virtual card with minimum kyc account

Again idk if that can be used to set up pin virtual card also disappear as soon as I do full kyc so if i set UPI pin and upgrade account will i have to setup UPI pin again? Because then i would have to apply for physical card, again don't know if they send anything else home 

Option 3: au abhi

I know there is also au digital savings account but that doesn't have virtual card

So with abhi is valid for one year will have to upgrade account will upgrading mess up UPI pin?

Also for upgrading i see on their website it is mentioned it will be converted to regular savings account which has 10k mab? Can i not convey it to digital savings account with 0mab

Also do they send anything home?

There is also rbl with lifetime virtual card but requires 5k mab so that is not possible

There are also a few zero balance account like idbi but they send free rupay card home , i don't want that

Any other options?

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Not the answer you're looking for but I'll suggest not to do it.
There isn't much benefit of holding multiple zero balance accounts, ideally about 2-3 savings account is more than sufficient, HDFC is must as they offer really good pre-approved offers, and also with significant banking history with them you'll get better terms on loan once you'll get to that stage of life, my 2nd preference will be some public sector bank depending on staff of nearby branch, I have found staff of BoB to be better than SBI.
You already have kotak although I don't see much benefit of that but it is zero balance and they do offer credit card easily so there's that.

Having more and more savings account doesn't offer any significant benefit over having just 2-3. Yes, you should get multiple credit cards but not savings account, one doesn't need savings account in same bank to get their credit card and debit card offers on sale is not that great and you can borrow someone else's card for that.
SBM bank also offer zero balance account and their FD rates are quite good but then again one doesn't know how long will it last. We all have seen how IDFC bank was easily the best bank to recommend but now they reduced all benefit and now one doesn't find much special about them.
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Nsdl jiffy

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It looks like... U Don't want anything to be sent to ur home. Maybe, u don't want anyone to know. But I guess, every bank sends atleast basic kit with Account no. Etc details. I have opened like RBL, BOB accounts. I used only virtual cards in both. But still both banks sent basic kit which has account number etc etc details...
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Do they compulsory send debit card in welcome kit ..even if we don't select debit card..

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AU Without debit card no UPI

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Does Au charge 177 debit card fees at the beginning of FY itself.? Like on account opening itself you've to give 177rs as Debit card annual charges? 

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So, kotak 811 has zero charges (including hidden charges) and gives UPI facility & internet banking?  If kotak 811 is charging for UPI, then any other bank account reco needed.

Basically want a zero balance account for UPI transactions.. right now, the main account statement is clogged with a zillion two digit UPI transactions, which I would like to avoid.. and importantly, want an account which has only a few thousands of rupees at any point in time..
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Yes, kotak 811 is unconditional zero balance full fledged account. But from last 1 year I experienced frequent server down issues for UPI transactions.
In case of Jupiter, federal Bank is operating it. No issues with upi as long as 3rd party UPI apps are used because jupiter app is too bad and unreliable.
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