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Order no. Od123189881317859000 for samsung refrigerator not received even after paying full amount & order cancelled
My name is Nikhil Singla. I am a normal customer of online shopping & frequently buys from websites like Flipkart & Amazon etc. As you all know, it is the time of Great Indian Festival Sales & like everybody else I want to buy a refrigerator at the biggest discount available.
So I searched the refrigerator I want at many online shopping websites & came at a conclusion to buy it from flipkart as its price was Rs. 2000 less than the Amazon. That was my biggest mistake because I don’t knew at that time that It would be the worst shopping experience in my lifetime.
I ordered the “Samsung 845 Ltr Side By Side Double Door Refrigerator (RS82A6000SL, Stainless)” on 24th Oct at 08:18 AM & paid Rs. 88,990/- via upi mode, for which the delivery was scheduled by flipkart on or before 30th October (Screenshot 1). This order was shipped on the same day of ordering. Then on 30th October, i.e. on the day on which it was supposed to delivered, I got a message from Flipkart that my order has been delayed due to logistical constraints faced by the courier service provider & also giving assurance that my order will be delivered by 31st October.
Then on 31st October, I received a call from Flipkart that due to some delivery issue, my order will be delivered by 1st November. I also want to mention that at this time, if the flipkart would have told me they can’t deliver my order then I would have purchased this item from other shopping website & there would be less problem for me. But that does not happen & Flipkart again contacted me on 1st November & this time & they postponed the delivery for the 3rd time & by a very long time i.e. 8th November. Now it was very difficult for me to wait & I contacted their helpdesk via “Need Help” section & after trying for 8-10 times, I was called by their Customer Care mentioning the same old reasons that they would the deliver the order at the earliest & there is no need to worry.
In this conversation I felt that nobody in Flipkart seem to care that the date of delivery was after the big date of Diwali i.e. 4rth November the whole reason for which we make big purchases & then wait for item to arrive. My mood was spoilt but then also I have hope that the item would be delivered.
But the real shock came for me on 3rd of November, when I received a message from Flipkart that my order has been cancelled by the seller due to a prolonged delivery delay & I can place a new order for this item in the next 10 days and gift card of Rs. 2000 will be added to my Flipkart account within 3 days of order delivery. That’s all.
They don’t even called me even once before cancelling the order & tried to give me a Rs. 2000 at the time, when they have increased the Item price by Rs. 10K on their website & item was no longer in stock on their website. Now what would you call this if not a Fraud. I also want to mention that at this time my order was not showing as cancelled on their portal or App.
I contacted their Customer Care again for several times & also talked to their Senior Head mentioning my issue. He again give me the false assurances that he would mention the issue with concerned department & a solution will be provided to me at the earliest. Then on same day, I got a call from Flipkart again that my issue has been resolved & my order would be delivered on or before 5th November. I was again happy to know this that Flipkart actually cares & I was wrong before.
But what would I have known at that time that they are just making a mockery of their customer & common man. I received a message on 4th November at 11:42 AM mentioning my order has been cancelled & refund for the order has been processed which would reflect in my bank account by Nov. 16, 2021.
Now I was really sad on the day of Diwali because the refrigerator I want to buy was selling at Rs. 100K in Local Market on other online websites or sold out & all Diwali Offers were long gone. I did not get the item even after spending my hard earned money & blocking it for more than 10 days.
I was also unhappy because on that day I realised that big Shopping Websites like Flipkart can do anything they want with a Customer & we the Customer can’t do anything against them. I was feeling very helpless.
Today on 6th Nov, 2021 I collected myself & is trying to make a voice against these types of Fraud by Companies like Flipkart via this letter. If you are reading this then kindly support me against these Frauds, so they also came to know that Customer is still the King & they just can’t do anything they want.


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Benevolent Benevolent
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If something goes wrong in FK, assume that order will be cancelled eventually; CC is pack of liars giving false assurances, alas what can they do, truly even they have no idea what is going on
RealmeX7max they kept extending delivery for 13 or 14 days and eventually cancelled, what baffled me is delivery boy came to deliver but xchange phone was not ready so asked to come next day, even now do not know why they returned mobile to seller after so many false promises

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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Ordered mi 5x 55 inch tv .. on 18th oct.
Paid in full 40k
Item arrived at nearest hub on 4th nov. ..
And then cancelled deliberately ..
Without any single call or msg from them ..

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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They are not providing any sort of compensation..

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Decade ago, service was one of the best ever experienced.
Exchange/return/delivery was easy and by day increasing demand in online shopping Flipkart customers support gone bad to worse

Benevolent Benevolent
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Any solution for Currently out of stock for pincode in flipkart ?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Wait for it untill it is back.
No time frame

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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You were one of the unfortunate in their list among 10000 orders. 100 % fulfillment in any organisation is impossible. Among 5000 shipments 1 mishappening i.e. delay, damage, cancelation, product short or out of Business, product not in selling condition, lack of coordination, Manual workmanship mistake specially in bulky shipments while generating invoice or packing anything can happen. Just you were one of unlucky guy between 5000 to 10000 number of orders. These situations cannot be avoided. Errors happens but they keep you assuring under wrong commitment. In my case ordered around 15 nos. iphones 12 128 gb on 02 Oct ,14 Oct, 16 Oct @ 50k to 55k each, all got delivered and sold at 60k to shopkeeper. Earned around 1 Lakh.
Logic is once the Order is stucked delayed make up your mind accordingly that your order is likely to be cancelled.

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