New Budget 5G phones are downgrade in terms of build and features ?

Deal Cadet

Does anyone feel that the new budget 5g phones are downgrade in terms of build and features like most of them don’t have amoled or super amoled, build and cameras are bad the only thing they boast about is 5g, screen refresh rate and new processor ?

Kindly , share your thoughts ?

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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yes you right.they are doing cost cutting in name of 5g

Mobile Guru Mobile Guru
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That’s just a marketing gimmick…
They say it’s 5g enabled but they’ll only push rare bands which might be no of us so…

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I personally won’t buy these so called 5G phones. 

Hunk Hunk
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Yes, 5g is pure gimmick right now.

1. Most cost cutting brands have done is in terms of display quality. Samsung is 3rd grade here. Their M32 5G comes with 720p TFT display and they charge 22k for this phone!! Whereas older/non-5g variant which is priced at 17k comes with 1080p amoled panel.

2. 2nd biggest cost cutting has been done with processor brand. Now a days many 5g phones I’ve seen with numerous mediatek processors like dimensity 700, 820, 810, 900, 910 etc etc. Remember 1-1.5 years back we didn’t even want to see mediatek processors and regarded even poor exynos processors like 9611 that came in galaxy m30 etc as better than those mediatek ones lol.

People are buying 5G phones thinking companies are going to give them 5G plans for free or at lesser prices. 4G itself is getting insanely expensive now a days and they think they’ll use even more expensive 5G when their phone budget itself is less than 20k 😂
I don’t want to demean people with lower earning but they have to think practically because earning and spending has to go hand in hand.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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most budget 5g phones gives only 2 bands also none of them promises VONR support if 5g actually comes in India. Buy Chinese budget 5g bands only if they are giving the same no of bands like iPhone or Samsung flagships. 

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