New restriction / devaluation of CRED


Just noticed today that CRED has now put a restriction on the usage of cashback earned for Credit Card Bill Payment. 

Previously we were able to use the cashback for any kind of purchase (Cred Pay, Cred Store, Credit Card Bill Pay etc.) but now the cashback can only be used to pay off any credit card bill. 😞

As if the sudden limitation of only a one-time reward unlock for a Credit Card Bill Payment + Rs 1 as the max cashback was not enough, CRED decided to go one level down and devaluate themselves by the new restriction!

The worst part is that they never share these restrictions via alerts in the app, email, or SMS. They simply put them into effect and let the consumer get surprised and frustrated! 😫

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And we still use them for our bills sweat_smile

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Since you are talking about bills, actually using HDFC smart pay on HDFC Bill portal will give more rewards if you use "business moneyback credit card from HDFC" 

5% for 1 year Rs.250 capping per statement cycle (so paying Rs.5000 on your regular utility bill , phone bill, broad band bill ..etc will get you assured Rs.250 max) 

so try to get moneyback HDFC credit card and use HDFC bill pay then you will forget using CRED for rewards

so technically CRED is not at all useful for HDFC bill pay portal users (with HDFC BUSINESS MONEY BACK CREDIT CARD)

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It doesn't affect any, as all of us use it for paying CC bills. Never bothered their stores.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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hmm actually i am paying ALL CREDIT CARDS using HDFC platinum debit card 1% cash back in bill pay portal to pay of all non HDFC credit cards, and only using CRED to pay HDFC Credit cards

So is it worth to switch paying all credit cards in CRED or my existing method of paying using HDFC bill pay using HDFC platinum debit card 1% cash back still looks good?

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You cannot pay OneCard credit card bill with HDFC Bill Pay. It does not work.

As long as HDFC is allowing it, keep paying other credit card bills using HDFC Platinum debit card. At least you get assured 1% back instead of Rs 1 in CRED. However, the bill payment is not done instantly. It takes at least 3-5 days. So keep that in mind.

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