Next week will open a salary acc in icicic bank. So should I apply for amazon pay icici credit card after 2-3 weeks as my first credit card?

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Which best credit card should be applied for first timer.

Your valuable suggestions needed.
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Best wishes for your professional life, job.

And for the new SB account.


Not much of a credit card person here.. but heard/read that SBI offers some good cashbacks for on-line spends for one/some of its cards.


I am not aware of the criterion used by I-bank in selecting/approving for co-branded cards.. but no harm in trying for it too.


However other cards give better rewards or cashbacks on (non Amazon) on-line spends, I think.


Citi business is gone. Else they had some good options.

Now some PSU banks also offer some good co-branded cards with OMCs (oil marketing companies).

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Patience pays. 

As you are looking for a shopping cashback card and icici seems easy to start with, I'll suggest get icici platinum chip card first. Here are reasons:

  • amazon card is often excluded from instant discount offers. 
  • Icici is refusing to issue other variants based on amazon card. 
  • Later You may be interested for other higher icici variants. A core icici card will be helpful. 

In fact I'll suggest you to aim for sbi cashback card.  although its a paid card, but it is king right now. 20k spend on this card will settle-off the fee. 

And yes, an LTF amazon card can be handy anyday. 

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paid card, can you explain it bit further, will be greatful.

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No, don't apply any card and wait for few months. They will give a pre-approved card based on your net salary credit and then apply for Amazon card as 2nd card. Just hold for few months.

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Just wait few months. ICICI is good in giving proper pre approved cards. 

Personally I feel all ICICI card are shit..
ICICI Platinum(LTF) and aPay (LTF) are worth keeping for offers and simplicity
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Congratulations for the new job and whishing you a wonderful career. 

Nope wait for a few months. At least 2-3 months. You'll get pre-approved from ICICI. If you can maintain the balance open the privileged banking with them which has good chance of pre approved cards. 

Don't apply for too many cards within a short span of time which will create hard enquiries on cibil.  Understand your lifestyle habits and apply as needed. 

Coming to cards Amazon pay ICICI is easy to get but you'd be stuck with it forever. So, apply for Sapphiro. Since, your salary credits into ICICI it's easy to get a card with them. Once you've this you can start applying for SBI and HDFC. IMO HDFC even after devaluing can give you good returns.

PS: Save. Save. Save. I repeat Save. Have at least 3-6x of your expenditure as savings/ investments which you can liquidate right away. Never get into debt trap unless you're sure  that you can make a good return on it.

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How to save with investment? Using credit cards to save or other means?

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