Noida metro review

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Noida metro is way costlier than Delhi metro..I travel 28 stations at just 40-45 rs on Delhi metro..but for mere 8 stations, Noida metro charges 30rs ..
2) Delhi metro charges nothing extra for a smart card top up recharge..but Noida metro charges 1.5% or 12rs ,whichever is lower, for just a top up ..??
3) Delhi metro has many ways to pay, for a ticket or recharge...but Noida metro's app mostly debits the amount, but doesn't generate my latest 6 journeys, I have got 6-7 failed transaction where money got debited via upi but payment still failed..
4) moreover, there are very less ticket vending machines at stations..people make a long queue on ticket counters

Don't's just a comparison which I can't a daily commuter of delhi metro...Hope it improves in future
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