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Hi All, I am looking for a noiseless (complete noiseless preferable) keyboard, please suggest. I am fast in typing and the keyboard I have now makes lot of noise.

Thank You.

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What’s is your budget? I use Lenovo Lenovo KM4802 purchased at 550Rs. This keyboard doesn’t create khat-khat sound. Sound is very minimal, almost none. No keyboard producer zero sound, so you can expect a little bit suppressed sound. Earlier, I had mechanical keyboard, but that keyboard create horrible khat khat sound which irritates other family members, so I purchased this :

If you want to use a mechanical keyboard, use O-rings that goes between keycap & switch that will suppress the sound at some level but not completely.

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In flipkart i got a good deal for logitech MK275, tho no completely noiselese just a small ignorable click sound.. Got for 1,400, mouse is good but i have completely noiseless mouse which i am continuing with..

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Thouhh corsair mechanical + noiseless is really good.. easy 5+ years