Non Delivery of my order and then blocking my account without any reason by Flipkart

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My name is Varun Chouhan and I work as a Development Officer at LIC of India. I am a resident of Gurdaspur City of Punjab District.

I want to bring to your notice that, I have had an account with Flipkart, an e-commerce company, for a very long which I sometimes use to buy items online.

Like every year, this year also ie in 2022 Flipkart has held Big Billion and Diwali sales. As I am about to get married in the next couple of months, I made some purchases during these sale days between 28-09-2022 to 11-10-2022

The Statistics of my purchases are as follows

in total, I have bought 44 items

out of which I have returned 14 items, the reasons were either the product was damaged or they had sent the wrong product or a completely different product or in some cases, some of the items were missing and in some cases, the product didn't suit me so I returned.

Of these 44 Items, I also bought a Fasttrack Watch on 30/09/2022 which I have not received to date but on 8th Oct 2022 in my account, the status was shown as delivered. Then I called Flipkart customer care and told them my issue to this they said my issue will be resolved by 13th Oct 2022. But again till 13th Oct, I haven't received my watch and they extended the time till 18th Oct 2022 to resolve the issue.

In addition to this on 14th Oct 2022, Flipkart blocked my account without any prior intimation and without any reason. I have called Flipkart customer care 3 times but they have not given me any reason nor they have provided any explanation for why my account has been blocked. All they are saying is our blackened team has blocked your account and you will get a call from the backend team by 17th Oct 2022, but I haven't received any callback yet.

Sir, one thing to notice here is that all my orders are prepaid and I have not made a single purchase for cash on delivery. It means Flipkart is already having my money in advance. Also, Flipkart is blocking the account without any verification and proper analysis

of these 44 orders, I have also cancelled 3 orders at midnight of 16-10-2022 because I got scared of their behaviour.

when I researched online I found that Flipkart blocks the account of customers if they make high returns, But sir what is high return is purely subjective. I have purchased 44 items and returned only 14 items. moreover as per their policy customer has a right to return the product.

And I have returned it because of the reasons mentioned above.

Moreover, the delivery guy picks up the return only after proper due diligence.

Sir this method of Flipkart is not legal and ethical they are exploiting their powers and making the customers buy things forcefully which is not correct even as per the Indian Contract Act 1872.

the contract is invalid if it has any of the following Coercion, Undue Influence, Misrepresentation and Fraud

they are forcefully blocking the customers to exercise their rights which are written in their policies only and they are doing it with n number of customers most of which are poor and uneducated and cannot raise their voices.

so, I am requesting you with my folded hands kindly look into this and do justice and stop the unlawful activities of Flipkart.

Thanks with Regards

Varun Chouhan

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Flipkart is worst Company

Indian Companies have no Moral values. don't learn after suffering. learn from my experience. switch to amazon or tata cliq

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Amazon is also kinda same albeit much better than FK
U talk to lawyer and send notice then only they will unblock ur account for sometime so u can use your wallet bal or view order history..
FK is now US company Walmart
there are many victims here and many lost thousands in their FK gv bal; worst is FK does not even allow u to pay FK paylater dues after acc block which is ridiculous
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Nowadays Flipkart is trending in such cases
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Any solution? U get
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if anyone is facing such type of issue with Flipkart or any other E-commerce Company. You can lodge your complaint at

if you need any other information you can contact me REMOVED

Thanks & Regards

Varun Chouhan

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Hi Flipkart have blocked my account .still the orders are suppose to come before that only they blocked it .I was supposed to go to native .waiting for the orders .kindly help me to unblock my account 

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Although many people may not have read this article because this a paid article, but this article is all about how e-commerce companies specially Flipkart is blocking customers’ accounts without any valid reason and forcibly stealing their money. I have shared some screenshots of the article as well as of my issue to prove the same.

For this article Flipkart was not available for comments which is quite obvious because this is what they are good at steal and run away

There are some preventive steps which I guess you all must follow if you are buying online.

  1. The moment you order something, take the screenshots and download invoices of the product, because there is high chance you may get different/ damaged/ counterfeit/ or missing product and when you try to raise the issue your account will be blocked
  2. Avoid prepaid orders, do Cash on delivery, you will only pay Rs 5 more per order but you will save thousands.
  3. Open your package in front of delivery boy and if any item is missing/ damaged or is different do not accept the package and do not pay.
  4. Don’t keep money in your Flipkart wallet, in fact don’t use Flipkart wallet and pay later services. Because your account will be blocked and money will be seized and they won’t even let you clear your pay later dues which will adversely affect your CIBIL Scores
  5. In case of any issue you can file a complaint at (Absolutely free)
  6. If they give unsatisfactory answer you can file case at
  7. In this article, Former executive of Flipkart have mentioned some reasons (screenshot attached) for which an account could be blocked. But I have not done anything as mentioned, in fact all my purchases were prepaid then why my account was blocked. In fact their return mechanism is so strong that you can’t return a product if it does not pass their checks or if the reason mentioned is different. Then on what basis they are blocking
  8. I have made a return which was successfully picked up and Flipkart processed a Gift card in my account wallet which was already blocked. And when I complained at consumerhelpline they said your return was cancelled. SAFED JHOOTH. What is the purpose of refunding money in a blocked account? I paid through credit card why you refunded in wallet. And why you are lying that my return is cancelled which is actually successfully picked up
  9. The money in blocked wallets will automatically be theirs and they also have that returned product which is a cherry on the cake
  10. Reason is Flipkart is making huge losses on year on year basis but the top management is taking crores at home and now this is the only way to cover their losses. Loot customers money.
  11. Some points which require deep thought
  12. What is unusual high return? Should it not be quantifiably defined? You pick any law every single term is properly defined. Why so much subjectivity and vagueness
  13. Don’t you think damaged/ different and missing items should not at all be considered in unusual high return? Because it fails the idea of consensus ad-idem at the very first place.
  14. If a customer is returning a product for any other reason, he should be charged just for delivery cost instead of completely get blocked. Isn’t that more logical and ethical?

So I request you all to share this info because “sharing is caring” and “life is too short to learn from your own mistakes. So learn from others experiences.”

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