NPCI : Global Fintech Fest - 2023, Day 1

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NPCI : Global Fintech Fest - 2023, Day 1:

Global Fintech Fest 2023 Global Fintech Fest

Amazing #Launching Day 1st - 05th-09-2023

#India's technology and #fintech sectors are witnessing rapid growth, driven by innovation, investments, and #government support. This progress has the potential to transform the country's economic landscape and #improve the lives of its citizens by #promoting financial inclusion and access to #digital services.

1. #AePS - Face Authentication & Dual Authentication Showcase

2. RuPay Credit Card on UPI - Feature Premier - Bill Payments, EMI and #Aadhar OTP

3. GFF Premier of Merchant Credit Card - Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank and UCO Bank

4. #UPI PPI OneWorld - Namaspay App Showcase

5. GFF Premier of nth Rewards and RuPay Scan & Score

6. GFF Premier of Pepper Money Dreams RuPay Prepaid Card

7. #NPCl International and Paymentwall Agreement Execution

8. GFF Premier of Yes Pay #NXT App

9. UPI Plug-in Showcase

10. GFF Premier of Livquik 7rings RuPay ON-THE-GO & Livquik UPI App

11. GFF Premier of FamX RuPay Prepaid Card

12. Merchant Online Dispute Resolution Showcase

13. Showcase of Simplified Flow and Credit Card Bill Payment using IMPS

14. GFF Premier of Bank of India’s 100% Recycled RuPay Platinum and Select Debit Card & Merchant Credit Card

15. Showcase of RuPay One Simulator

16. #BHIM 3.0 launch BHIM Voiceover - DFS Jt Secretary Launch

17. GFF Premier of SBI Nation First Transit RuPay NCMC Card and Merchant Credit Card

18. Showcase of Aadhaar onboarding on 123 Pay

19. #NPCI Partner VAS, Portal, CP+, Felicitation

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