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I had an outstation trip using Ola cabs ( for 680kms ), as the cab was not fit for long journey and I was about to miss a meeting. I had asked the Cab driver to stop in middle ( after ~320kms ) took a flight and reached the destination on time.

Now the point here is, I had this journey on 8th of Jan,2022 and I had contacted Ola on 10th of Jan,2022 for the half journey refund. Starting from that day.. for every two to three days once I had contacted them just because... They were creating a ticket and saying that we will get back to you in 48 hours... and after two days if I call them back... they had created another ticket and said the same.. and this continued until Mar 10th,2022. and finally they had said  ( in the call ) please share your bank details over email so that we can refund your money.

I had done the same, and the same situation repeated again, and now they were saying " we don't entertain any travels concerns which are of 30+ days old "

Can any one help me in this matter, how to proceed further and get my refund back?

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Ola is worst in customer care.

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This should’ve been posted on dost and dimes, would’ve gotten more replies.

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Send them an email along with all the details, and tell them you’re going to consumer court.

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Pls tag them on Twitter / Facebook – any social media. CC their CEO.

Summarize issue in few words including various ticket nos.

It will help put pressure and get right people involved.

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My amount rifand payment successful amount but not receive daimnd 

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