old tax regime and new tax regime

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old tax regime and new tax regime

Can someone explain this in detail 🫨
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How much is your disposable and net income?

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Old tax regime: Govt encourages doing investment which block your money for x years.

New tax regime: Govt doesn't encourage investments and wants you to have more money in hand that you can spend and increase economic activity.

For more info, search on websites like cleartax etc.

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There are tons of articles

Spend few mins to search on net

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Simple and easy if you are in high income bracket ( >15L taxable income)

A. Benefit of new regime (lower tax rates) = 1,17,000 saved due to lower tax rates/ slabs. [based on FY 2024-25 rates]

B. Cost of new regime = Deductions disallowed x 30.4%

If A-B is positive for you, then go for new regime.

Some of the most commonly used deductions/exemptions disallowed under new regime are:

If you are not claiming much of these benefits, better select new regime.

1) House Rent Allowance received from employer(salaried employees)

2) 80C x- Certain specific investments upto 150000 + NPS (50K)

3) 80D x - Health insurance payments, health expenses

4) 24b - Interest expense on home loan

5) LTA, Telephone allowance received from employer (salaried employees)

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