Old vu 43inch tv

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Have a 7+ Yr old vu tv.. Getting multiple vertical lines...

Any solution for tis..

I don't think eco sites take on exchange too
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Sometimes they introduce exchange bonuses, you can trade for that.

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If not physical damage or electrical spikes, moisture induced damage then mostly the failure of electronic components.

Although for a copy-paste brand like theirs, seven years life in itself is satisfactory.

If somewhere some second hand compatible panel is available or it can be cannibalised from a scrapped unit, then life can be extended.
However the headache of searching and the costs involved might make it unviable.

Some sellers or some on-line portals MIGHT actually accept this old model too, but the pricing🤷🏻‍♂ may or may not be fair.

e-junk scrap dealers can make profit from these things as they can piecemeal sell the working components or repurpose them in other repairs.
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