One plus 10R motherboard damaged in 4 months

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I purchased one plus 10R and after 4 months only motherboard damaged.......Such a pathetic service and sales man of croma are like they make you touch the moon while selling their products with all the possible lies and if you come up with Any problem they will tell you to go to the service centre. Such a worst management..... Purchased mobile from so many shops if there is any problem they will help you with replacement and the mobile i purchased from croma that mobile motherboard was failed....croma is selling duplicate and defective Mobile that's why they are are not able to replace and give the mobile if it was from brand then they would have replaced for motherboard issue ... they changed my motherboard and damaged my camera ...... After all this issue they are just giving me repaired mobile.....what u people think that after purchasing mobile I'll visit service centre every month and keep my mobile for repairing 10 days. I tell all my family friends not to visit croma to make any purchase customer care is careless... This is not the thing only I'm saying my friends also do not recommend croma becoz of their bad experience with your products atleast if you are true you should be from customers side not from the brand side...soon you will loose all your customers.... terrible service/ defective products / no support to customers just have lier sales person who will surely make sales but terrible customer care support team so u can just convince new customers but won't be able to keep customers liability and have repeated customers mark my words 🤬

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