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Post Mogul
I am having FD based OneCard of 50K and its tenure will get completed on 31 Mar 23. As far as I checked it will get auto-renewed but I want the money back in my Account.
Can anyone share their experience after one year tenure like they give the FD money in bank and the OneCard is still active or we have to close the card.
Can't able to find any other customer support rather than email support option.
Your 2 mins will be very helpful for me.
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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Where's the scamming part at? If this is what you call a scam, I will call penny cashback as lottery and my expenses as fraud.

Email them at grievances@fplabs[dot]tech, you'll get your money back.

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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what scam?

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Even normal bank secured card has lien marked against FD made. One has to surrender card to break FD... where's the scam?

TnC* If you close FD based OneCard, you won't be issued again ever.

Benevolent Benevolent
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If U Want Fd Back To Account Then Ur Credit Card Will Becomes Un-Secured Card... This Is Not Possible... U Have To Close The Card To Get Fd...

Every Bank Follows This Scheme Only...

Post Mogul Post Mogul
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Is there any way to lower the fd amount like 5K or 10K because 50K is huge.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I have also closed my card.. i forgot to note the amount mistake.. I don't know how much is my fd.. i sent them reply..they said amount will be credited in 5-7 working days .

It's been 3 days so far..

Any experience how many days it will take ?

How to know the interest and principal amount.. i need the same for taxation purpose...

Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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Will take maximum 1 week, Check your emails regarding onecard. You will find the fd amount email.

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