OnePlus does it again, says it “mistakenly” announced that Gemini Ultra was coming to its phones

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OnePlus can’t catch a break. It seems like only yesterday that it was apologising for falsely advertising faster UFS4.0 storage in the 12R (when in fact it uses UFS3.1). But if you thought there’s no way it could beat that, well, it just did. Only hours after announcing its partnership with Google to bring Gemini 1.0 Ultra, “ its most powerful AI model ” to its devices later this year, the company has issued a fresh release saying, it was a mistake

OnePlus won’t commit to if and when Gemini 1.0 Ultra will come to its devices now. So it may or it may not, we can’t say for sure yet. OnePlus in fact has taken a complete roundabout on its  initial announcement  which was shared with the media in a joint press release last night. It also had confirmation of Oppo getting Gemini Ultra. In a fresh statement released today, OnePlus refrains from putting out any specific names and only mentions that “Gemini Models” are coming to its devices. There is no mention of a Nano, Pro, or Ultra — so it can be one or more of anything.

Our follow up queries on the exact models expected did not illicit any response. OnePlus prematurely announcing getting the first dibs at Google’s Gemini 1.0 Ultra is not a small goof-up but it’s huge error on the company’s part especially when it went so far as to claim that it was aiming to be the first to launch features based on the Gemini Ultra platform (Samsung only has Nano and Pro access now, so we can’t stress this enough, what a big deal this is). Now, tomorrow, it may come up and announce it again and for all we know, it may be right then, but as things stand today, errors are becoming a recurring issue for OnePlus.

The 12R fiasco just happened, the OnePlus 12 was also falsely advertised to support eSIM in  India  (when it did not) and then there’s the whole uncertainty around its smart TV business that is yet to be properly addressed.
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whenever i hear ai..

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AI for me is  updated advanced version of softwares we were using in past.

Scamming people by making it marketing gimmick will gonna last long.

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