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If we are planning to make an online website like Meesho and Flipkart, what are the steps required to make this type of website.
Like Android App. cost
Online Selling Website Cost.
Employee Staff Requirements.
Hierarcy of Employees like Listing Catloging , Payments, Fraud Detection , Business Development Manager, Customer Support , Return Claim Team etc, Please give your suggestions what other things need to cover to start an Online Selling Company.

Thanks in Advance.

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You’re asking like.. “Write down about Indian Politics in 2 lines” 😀

Its a very big process which needs lots of time, money & patience. 

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mastervijay wrote:

You’re asking like.. “Write down about Indian Politics in 2 lines” 😀

Funny thing is that Indian Politics can actually be described in just a single phrase:

Divide and Rule

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