Our 11 days Ladakh trip Organized by YATRA

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Recently we had a 11 days Ladakh Trip for two families comprising of six members. That included air tickets, hotel stay including meals and transport.

Other than flight tickets, rest of the arrangements were sublet to a local tour co-ordinator by the name Mr Thupstan Aungchuk by Yatra.

Although, we had a very detailed discussion about the quality of hotel and transport arrangement with Yatra while making the reservation but in actual cases lot of requirements were not met by the local tour co-ordinator as promised by Yatra. Those are mentioned below.

1. The tour co-ordinator was supposed to meet and greet us on arrival to carry out the required briefing. That was not done

2. During the time of need he was not reachable. He use to get irritated whenever we could reach out and asked for some clarification.

3. In our booking instructions there was a clear understanding that all the hotels will be at four star level and the package price was paid accordingly.

Unfortunately, hotel at Srinagar and hotel at Pangong were a disaster. Those are simple budget hotel without having even the basic amenities in spite of having adequate four star available in all those places. And the food qualities served by those hotels were also not up to the mark.

4. While starting our journey we repeatedly requested to maintain one tempo traveller through out our journey with the same vehicle having fixed driver.

5. Unfortunately, during the tour the vehicle was changed four times. Everytime with a set of vehicle and a driver caused us lot of inconvenience.

6. While complaining about this inconvenience, Mr Aungchuk was least bothered to address it. Instead he told us that this is the practice he follows with everyone.

Overall, we are not at all satisfied with Yatra about this trip and it is definitely not justified the high amount we paid to Yatra for having this trip.

In future, we recommend that Yatra should appoint a more responsible and sensible person as the tour co-ordinator of this magnitude.

This tour arrangement cannot be rated even 2 star. It appears that Yatra is interested in making their cut and deligating the overall responsibility of the tour to an incompetent third party. Which is totally unacceptable.

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They are just filling customers by depending on third party vendors. That's good then quality of service degrades when I only maintain it but not the actual services.

Shame on Yatra

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How much you paid ?

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