Paid LIC Premium Twice From Amazon Pay (Duplicate Payment)

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I wanted to consume my Amazon pay balance lying in a secondary account so I paid the bill twice. Now what will happen? Will they refund one or will adjust it for the next upcoming due?

I couldn't find Amazon Pay on LIC's website else they have the option to make an advance payment. Only Card/NB & UPI are there.

Other bill payments like broadband and all do adjust any advance payment I thought they would do it. I should have researched properly.

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Oh wait! It says: "Any excess payment made would be adjusted with the next premium due"

Let's hope 🤞🏼

Still 2K approx balance left. Aur ek payment kar deta but late ho chuki thi, due became zero by then. sweat_smile

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That is how it is, the utilities usually credit the excess on the account, not refund.

Wo der if it is in the 'money' (stored value account) or the 'gifts and credits' portion of the AmazonIN pay balance.the remaining ₹2000 that is.

For although I try not to dabble in any RBI approved wallet (which mandate KYC).. I think Amazon does let the non cashbacks portion of the pay balance or more specifically the 'SVA' (money) portion of the funds be withdrawn to bank.

Might have to check and if needed, try nudging the L3/L4 or even higher agents (like those handling nodal officer contacts) to forward the ticket (for transfer to bank) to the right/relevant team/s.
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How long its lying in the wallet before this payment? How much % gain?

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Long time. 0% XIRR. That's why thought to clear it out. 
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