park + 2k iocl voucher query

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I never see 2k iocl voucher on park + , only 500 and 1k vouchers. Any specific time they release 2k vouchers ?
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I also tried many times but never succeeded in this 😊. Better to invest your time somewhere else because park plus is making fools to their customers by promoting this 5L Campaign.

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i redeem 2K iocl voucher every week , and it is available in each hour's slot for me . but it is a fact that it is not available to everyone . not sure what formula is working behind this. so as mentioned above its better to invest your time elsewhere if not showing to you.

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can you please share the details like which car do you have, when did you register, Do you play all the available games daily, how much petrol do you have?

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@pagal_admi 15 days back one of my voucher showed as used when i tried to redeem at petrol pump and i raised a query with park plus which is till open and they are not responding. Did you encounter similar issue in the past and if yes time taken to resolve it?  Do Park plus has customer care number? 

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