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Bought a haldiram voucher of 1000 from Park plus and I think it is provided by magicpin. I gave it at Haldiram and at first they said that it is showing for only 500 and then an error that it is not applicable. I paid by card in full for the bill and am stuck with this coupon. Tried logging a complaint with Park plus but no option.

Can someone tell how to get out of this? Anywhere to email and complaint to get this checked?

Can magicpin help?

Don't want to lose 1000.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Try on their website. It should work. Get some gajjaks for yourself.

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Park+ is a good app until you encounter any issues.

But if you encounter any issue their customer service is crap, they will reply to any ticket in min 1 month ,also not assured if they will solve it in that reply

Btw why did you bought haldiram from park+?
It's just offering 8% (+50 if you use coupon, still just 13%) when magicpin is offering atleast 15%

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because he wanted to redeem the petrol and not necessarily for the offer itself 
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anyway to complain to Haldiram, turns out they redeemed the voucher at one outlet, said is of Rs. 500, and then said is invalid, totally messed up.

Another store informed that error already redeemed comes, hence I am facing a loss of Rs. 1000

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