Pathetic customer rep and incorrect lens

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Pathetic customer rep and incorrect lens
Customer service of Lenskart has huge knowledge gap. They do not have any knowledge on lens business.
They screw up your lens dimension and then ask to return the product back. Once its returned they will torture you by not refunding and say policy.
Suffering second time with incorrect lens dimension. Never choose Lenskart online

Mala Sharma one of the customer is super rude and has no sense of customer service. All the customer reps will say someone is going to call you within 24 hours, which never happens. they only call to sell you incorrect product but not fix the issue

The way Lenskart online make money is by ordering, dispatching, Obviously with not matching customer requirement. Purposely send broken piece or incorrect dimension lens. Then say that we have the best refund policy and ask for return.
From the order placement till the return, it will take 10 business days. They earn huge profit with that money

Never go with Lenskart online. You will end up wasting time by endless conversation with customer rep as the product always seems to fail the expectation or lens dimensions are incorrect. Then you have to bear the head ache of return and refund

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