Pathetic customer service

Deal Newbie

Recently I bought a pair of Lee Cooper shoes and on opening the box I found them to be a size smaller. I at once made a return request but return was denied because price tag was missing. Lei me tell there was no price tag in the box or attached to the shoe when I opened the box! There was only a price and product info sticker on side of the box. I spoke to four employees of Flipkart but they made me feel like I was lying about the price tag not being there.
When I was invited to review the product and wrote my review, Flipkart did not publish it, can you believe it! They don’t give a damn for the customer. Following is my review on Flipkart which they did not publish online.

‘’Got the product on time but it was a size smaller, guess should have ordered a size bigger for this particular model!
Put in a request for return, courier boy turned in and said he can’t take the shoes back because the price tag is missing. I explained to him that the price tag was not there in the first place. It only had the brand tag and genuine leather logo in a plastic string on the shoe. He asked me to raise a complaint with Flipkart.

I called Flipkart and told them I want to return my shoes. I was told the price tag has to be there and it was there in the box and checked by Packers before shipping. I replied I did not find any price tag in the box but there is a sticker with price, model, size and bar code on side of the shoe box. But the cs rep declined to return it and the matter was escalated to a team’.
During the next few days got 3 calls from the team and they said the same thing.

I understand the policy that price tag has to be there, but couldn’t the seller have made a mistake and missed packing the price tag with the shoe? I got the feeling that Flipkart meant to say I am lying, that the price tag was there as stated by the seller! Ridiculous, probably the seller wants to clear inventory and comes up with such excuses to not return the product. Seller probably has a policy of once out never in! Lol

Looks like Flipkart has grown so big that it no longer cares for customer satisfaction. My money is down the drain and Flipkart lost a customer.
Thank you for reading,