Paytm is asking for sim verification


I don't know why Paytm randomly started asking for sim verification before using wallet balance. 

I have added money to wallet associated with my secondary sim which doesn't have sms or any active pack. Since i cant send sms that amount is stuck in the wallet. Is there any solution for this?

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If amount struck is greater than recharge amount

Simpleee recharge that account and use that balance.

Next time use paytm upi lite (perfect replacement for wallet)

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Not a perfect replacement for wallet.

When UPI network goes down (although rarely, but happens), PayTM Wallet balance can be used to make payments on PayTM QR

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Another tip if your sim cards are without outgoing sms facility: Never take out the sim and try to pay by upi or check balance. This will trigger the sim verification process again.

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If at least IC SMS is available you can try clearing app data and logging in again. I had tried this a few times in the past few months (other than the last couple) and surprisingly re-verification wasn't required until the next time. 

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I tried logging out and logging in, it did that with otp but while using wallet balance it again asks for sim verification 

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What happens if we try to update Mobile no. to another which already has a paytm account?

I have KYC Paytm account with X mobile no ( old number), but my Main number is Y. In primary mobile while trying to use Paytm (lined to X)  but phone carries Y mobile no , it sometimes asks for Re-verification using SMS which means headache to putting back old SIM into the phone

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This has become a headache for me bcuz paytm randomly asks for since verification and I don't have any recharge plans to carry out this verification. I don't even logout or remove sim from my mobile but also I get this sim verification issue frequently and so I have to recharge that number and then do verification. Is there any solution to fix this ? 

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