personality test

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Is mbti test accurate ??
Or do you know any other test ...
Are these test reliable or just gimmick
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psychometric eval. is a reality in MANY fields.

Especial in critical fields like say those going in to or coming back from combat duty,

those having suffered PTSD or other issues.

Or those working in critical functions.


Richard Feynman was 'failed' in such evals. when he was selected to be part of the Manhattan Project.

And with valid reasons, so yeah.. these give some sense of directors.. and in that sense reliable.


Despite speaking about 'having conversations' with his dead first wife .. and thus getting disqualified in those psych tests... in his later life.. he ended up having a rather 'colourful' life on campus (of CalTech).


And despite having various idiosyncrasies.. the other qualities or how one tackled problems.. him to almost single handedly solve the cause of the Challenger disaster.

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It depends on the purpose for taking the test & who has recommended it.

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