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Phonepe — phonepe initiated a payment that was failed as per receiver's portal (bsnl) and now I am not sure how to get my money back.

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I want to share my recent experience with Phonepe and how I was misguided by them and lost my money due to their customer care executive.It begin with my transaction on Bsnl portal, I was trying to make payment for 2 of my BSNL Landlines and the selected mode of payment was UPI where I used Phonepe to make my first transaction of Rs. 1646 (Date: 31/05/2019, 04:37 PM) which gave me a message on Phonepe saying pending and my account got debited for the said amount and Bsnl portal gave a message of Transaction failed. So, as usual I thought that I can contact phonepe support by going in transaction history and selecting that pending transaction so that they can help me with my refund for the failed transaction. But surprisingly I didn’t found that transaction in my history, so to check if the problem was with the phonepe, my bank or Bsnl, I tried to make another transaction on the same Bsnl portal but for my another Bsnl number and this time the amount was Rs.1443 (Date : 31/05/2019, 04:48 PM) and the mode of payment was same UPI and it was through Phonepe and the same bank was selected. Unfortunately this time as well the transaction showed Pending but luckily I took a screenshot for the same and as I thought this transaction was also not visible in history of my Phonepe Account. So, I immediately called Phonepe customer care service and the person with whom I discussed my issue over the call surprised me again by saying that I just chose Phonepe to make my payment on Bsnl portal but I didn’t click on Pay and initiated it that’s why I am unable to see it in my History because I never processed it as per him and his system. And when I told him that I got message from the bank for amount debited he still denied me by saying that I didn’t initiated the payment from my end. So, I asked him how to share the screenshot with them and he guided me with the steps and I did the same and forwarded phonepe screenshot for both message that I received from the bank saying my account got debited for the said amount as well I shared the screenshot for the second transaction that I had luckily taken of Phonepe which said that transaction is Pending and after sharing this screenshot they agreed that I had initiated the payment and the amount was debited from my account for the said transactions. Now as per the BSNL message that said transaction was failed and if the Amount is debited from Account it will be reversed in 3-4 working Days, the very next day that is on 1/06/2019, I made my payments for both the BSNL numbers but this time I used the Internet Banking option instead of UPI option that was my biggest mistake due to which I lost my Money. And yesterday that is on 3rd June 2019, I get a mail from Phonepe that says my Transaction is successful and also now the Application of Phonepe shows those transactions in my History and with a Successful message. But now my biggest problem here is that a Failed transaction becomes successful Transaction when I was waiting to get refund for my failed transaction as I had already made payment for the said transaction but with a different mode of payment. My concern here is that who gave Phonepe rights to process a failed transaction where the policy of receiver says that it will be refunded back. And now when I asked Phonepe to cancel the processed transaction which was not with my approval after it was failed for the first time, they are asking me to Contact BSNL for the same and I am unable to do that because the BSNL Landlines that I have is in Latur and Sangli and my current location is Mumbai. I don’t have my personal BSNL telephone here in Mumbai and also I am not able to connect on their Tollfree Customer care number with my Non-Bsnl mobile Number. I feel myself helpless in such situation now, so I just wanted to share my experience with others so that they are not trapped in Phonepe tricks that their Customer care executive tried to play with me at my first point of contact by saying that I never initiated the Payment. I just want to say Phonepe user that don’t rely on History for the transaction that you make with Phonepe, because this things are in their hand and they can play with you as well how they tried to play with me. So, if ever you use Phonepe for making any kind of Transaction then make sure you take a Screenshot for the same as you never know what will happen with you.

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