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raised return request as product received is wrong in color but no delivery person is coming to pickup. they just mark cancelled by user each time. it has happened 4 times already in the past 15 days. amazon customer care creates a new pickup everytime. products price is 1k. will there be any issue of return window closed later on? what to do here?

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Even if return window ends they will create it because you raised your return within time. So keep trying.

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yes keep raising pickup & update us

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Get ready for account block

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next time you ask customer care to create return pickup, tell them that you don't know why pickup is not being done even after so many requests and ask them to remove all checks while creating pickup request. This will get the job done.

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paji already happened 4 times, this will continue for months this way?
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This happened with me also for earbuds and they kept playing for a week. Escalated to a CS-Sup and they directly refunded.
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what is cs-sup? how many returns did they cancel for you? what is price of that product? and did they complete pickup after refund or at the time of refund?
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the pickup was cancelled for a total of 8 times. my cousin called them after i came back and they said will issue advance refund but he said just get this picked, as people in this thread said that there are issues with advance refund. anyways it was finally picked up but no refund received. he again called them but now they are saying that the pickup person has updated that a wrong product was given to him so no refund. how is this possible? why did he accept the product if it was wrong? the reason for return was that the wrong product was delivered in the first place. what product was given to him? they say that the pickup person has not mentioned the name of the product. what should we do now?

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Hope now one can better appreciate in what @madmonk advised about raising such things to the Shipping whatever team or that escalation team name he gave.

Surprising though if he did not ever mention that one can ask the agents to create the RoR (refund on return) pick-up with 'verification check REMOVED' method.

By creating a pick-up by removing the option to verify the product, Amazon disabled the product image or libk from the driver's app login.
This way they cannot refuse to pick-up. _br>
Maybe now also the pick-up was made under the same method and if so, then it is actually the TL (team leader) (they sit in the warehouse only) who has marked the item as different. Drivers usually do not get that option to pick-up.
Umm meaning driver cannot pick-up a wrong item by force.

Also, I do not think that @madmonk ever gave a 'blanket NO' for all advance refunds. Possibly what he was saying is that try to have the item returned, wherever the margins are usually less (like for electronics).
Else the system assigns special demerit points.

Now things have become more problematic for you.
Unless you took an un-edited video of the handover process, which clearly shows the item you gave
driver or TL or final warehouse (origin place) can simply remove the item you gave and put a soap/ Rin supreme there and claim that @kukdookoo gave this soap only.

Thousand bucks is no big deal, so you would obviously get your money back.
But now hassles have increased manifold.
With less tantrums and without posturing on social media.. you could have raised this to that escalation or specialist team which @madmonk or manojksingh gave and it would have saved some time.

Now everyone would suggest you to throw tantrums on Twitter or build pressure like that.
Even now it is not too late to either approach SNR (Search aNd Rescue) team or that ECR thingy.
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