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Tryin to create a exclusive thread for everything related to Plant, Planters and plant needs. 

Since this is being created on desidime, it obviously has to be VFM suggestions rather than ugaoo being suggested. 

Let's share all tried and tested suggestion for saplings, plants, planters, compost, and all other plant related stuff.

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Tagging a pro that I came across for valuable inputs. @DEALSTER 

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Happy to help. Tag me for anything specific 
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Iffco is a superb brand for all types of organic and inorganic plant needs like seaweed, fungicide, insecticide, urea, NPK, DAP

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IFFCO is very expensive. Compare DAP and NPK prices offline and see the difference. I got DAP for around 70-80/KG oflline. Try visiting a nursery which sells these in bulk or a fertilizer store.Meesho some time has decent rates.

Check cement planter at nurseries around you cnd compare rates. Plastic ones are expensive and are of limited size. Always go for a larger pot if you have space. Plants tend to outgrow pots very fast. 

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Started as a hobby with 2-3 plants, now own a garden with 60-70+ plants, 10-15 indoor plants, self watering pots also helped me a lot. One app I use regularly to check about the plan info, like take a picture and the app will tell you more about the plant. 

For iOS

I am newbie and this site https://www.urvan...m/ and google helped a lot. I am regularly ordering stuff from urvann, decent pricing with next day delivery. I tried offline but hard to check which plant is what and than keep bargaining for a better price.

I am not pro but tag me for any help and I will try my best. 

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No available at Jaipur it seems, rest pricing looks good.
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Thanks for creating this thread. Very newbie here(and earlier had huge fear of bacteria so didnt use to even put hand in soil so forgive stupid Q/thoughts), want to learn. I wish to one day have a farm(4-5 acre) to grow food for self (avoid pesticide, harsh chemicals, with best seeds(non-GMO)) and have a home there itself among trees(maybe feel good for urban kid like me but won't like once I am there idk). I also think why 4-5 families can't come together and buy 4-5 acre to grow things together as most complaint food is laden with chemicals(Is it the cost. hassle to aggregate)?

We have few flowering plants like gudhal, lily, sadabahar.
Tulsi (all plants inside got dried but outside one is surviving - weird). Bel patra plant(its unable to grow tall and grows many defective leaves). It was not fed water for many years when we were not living at home sad
Crotons, money-plant, aloe-vera etc. No open space all in pots except bel patra.

Have local nursery 3-4km but many I plant don't survive : 2 times Shami(Prosopis Cineraria) sad

Few Q: 
1. Pls suggest good looking solid plastic pots VFM. 
2. Where to buy good soil? urban problems sad Can't go to park and dig.
3. Best and easy plants to start for food consumption(I would love lemon, tomato) : where to buy plants(I think will take long time with seed).

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