Platinum Couple ring suggestion and deal needed

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With all the loot and looted, and my father gone by, we wish to concede... that's how time passes by...!

Anyway dimers, let's be to the point...

Wish to buy a couple platinum ring for anniversary

Wish to buy a couple ring in platinum with a single diamond...

Please suggest deals, what to look for, I wish to buy online..

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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Sorry bro no idea on this. May others help you.

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Generous Generous
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Good reputed offline Jewellers will give you the best rate. In my city, they don't even charge the Card Swipe fees, so any good offline rewards fetching CC will help you to earn a little rewards.

Any branded and online will be overpriced. (In terms of the making charges.) Even after any offer/discount. Mostly.

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Thanks for the input...
Benevolent Benevolent
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From what I know, there are very few jewellers who manufacture these and most stores locally source from the same place. Also, the wait period is 30+ days in general unless a readily available pair fits perfectly.

Pick any good store and find what good deals exist.

At least in Hyderabad and back in 2016, I found the best designs at Orra. But most reputed stores have these.

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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Offline maybe better like others recommended.

  Personally never bought, so can't help much bro

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Koi mere jaisa nahi kharidta? nahin ho sakta...

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