please help how to order mobile in flipkart new account

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i want to get benefit of flipkart 5% via axis cashback so i wish to order 2 mobiles at least in this sale,
but whatever i do flipkart cancels my order, can any one help how do i place a order that does not cancels

in past if i needed mobile for myself i have to ask friends to order for myself,
mobile purchase is not what i am able to do in my flipkart plus account

i can make new account but even in that flipkart cancels, please help !!

just 10 mins back i made a new id and ordered a mobile but thats also cancelled, please understand the issue and some one help.

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Use PC or laptop, new mobile number
Use new name, do NOT write house number, write street name with spaces(eg. s treet)
Card – better if u can change
still cancelled means block the card and get new one